SANYO FXFJ Genuine Television Remote Control new

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SANYO FXFJ TV Remote Control for LCD LED Plasma HDTV Models :

All Remotes are Original Manufacture Remotes and are Tested and Guaranteed to Work

Originally supplied with TV models: 8VM1306, 8VM1906, AVM1306, AVM1307, AVM1308G, AVM1906, AVM1907, AVM1908G, AVM1956, AVM2006, AVM2056, AVM2506, AVM2506U, AVM2507, AVM2555, AVM255S, AVM2756, AVW1906, AZM1906, DS13630, DS13710, DS19630, DS19650, DS19730, DS25630, DS25650, DS25710, DS25730, DS27630, MNAVM1906, PC6020