The following Samsung sets use the remote BN59-01315D: QN55Q60B QN65Q60B QN75Q60B QN85Q60B QN55Q70B QN65Q70B QN75Q70B QN85Q70B QN55Q80B QN65Q80B QN75Q80B QN85Q80B QN55Q90B QN65Q90B QN75Q90B QN85Q90B QN55QN85B QN65QN85B QN75QN85B QN85QN85B QN55QN90B QN65QN90B QN75QN90B QN85QN90B QN55QN900B QN65QN900B QN75QN900B QN85QN900B UA43RU7100 UA49RU7100 UA50RU7100 UA55RU7100 UA75RU7100 UA43RU7100W UA50RU7100W UA55RU7100W UA58RU7100W UA65RU7100W UA75RU7100W UA43RU7200 UA49RU7200 UA50RU7200 UA55RU7200 UA75RU7200 UA43RU7300 UA49RU7300 UA50RU7300 UA55RU7300 UA75RU7300 UA43RU8000 UA49RU8000 UA50RU8000 UA55RU8000 UA75RU8000 UA43RU8200 UA49RU8200 UA50RU8200 UA55RU8200 UA75RU8200 UA50TU6900 UA55TU6900 UA65TU6900 UA50TU7000 UA55TU7000 UA65TU7000 UA50TU8000 UA55TU8000 UA65TU8000 Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be other Samsung sets that use this remote.

  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  • SKU: BN59-01315DSAMSUNG
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