LG AKB74475480 Remote Control - Ultra slim design and easy to use. a list of some of the compatible models: OLED TVs: C1, C2, C3, G1, G2, G3, Z1, A1, A2 NanoCell TVs: NANO90, NANO85, NANO80, NANO75, NANO70, NANO65, NANO60 UHD TVs: UHD80, UHD75, UHD70, UHD65, UHD60 LED TVs: UH7700, UH7500, UH7300, UH6900, UH6700, UH6500, UH6300 Smart TVs: SJ85, SJ80, SJ75, SJ70, SJ65, SJ60 Other TVs: 42LB5800, 42LB6500, 42LB6500U, 42LB6700, 42LB6700U, 47LB5800, 47LB6500, 47LB6500U, 47LB6700, 47LB6700U, 55LB5800, 55LB6500, 55LB6500U, 55LB6700, 55LB6700U, 60LB5800, 60LB6500, 60LB6500U, 60LB6700, 60LB6700U, 70LB6500, 70LB6500U, 70LB6700, 70LB6700U, 77LB7200, 77LB7200U, 82LB7200, 82LB7200U

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